Side effects and flying pigs

Week 30 today. With the pace seemingly picking up and hurtling towards the big 40. 40 weeks pregnant that is plus 40 years of age. Is it vain to want Baby Bear to come early so that I am not 40 when I give birth? I don’t want my baby having a 40-year-old mother. I [...]

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Modern art, more pushchairs and International Men’s Day

Tomorrow – Friday 8th March – is International Women’s Day. I own and run a company called Inspiring Women and I am going away to spend time with friends for a few days. I am taking two days off work at what really is the busiest time of year for us. Am I really silly [...]

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Valentine’s day is like chocolate or wine. When you know you can’t quite reach it you want it more. During my secondary school years, my school, which was an all-girls school (state school before any of you make any assumptions) would partner in a money-making enterprise with the nearby boy’s school. We could buy roses [...]

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Definition of insanity

Baby Bear is now twenty-four weeks old and apparently about a foot long. A foot long already? And I still have another 16 weeks to go. How big is this thing going to get? How does it fit? I don’t really want my belly to get any bigger – well maybe just a little bit [...]

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Wasps fall just short in epic encounter with Harlequins

Wasps fell to an agonising 17-13 defeat against Harlequins at Twyford Avenue. In a closely fought encounter, the visitors just edged Wasps on the scoreboard despite a monumental performance from the hosts. Wasps came close to sealing an important win at the final whistle, but the visitors held on to claim victory. Wasps controlled the [...]

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Swimming through Treacle

So, I only went and did it! I, Catherine, went swimming. I went to my local leisure centre, I put a swimming costume on and I actually paid my own money to get in a very large tank of water and swim. I was anxious but with the support of my friend it was actually [...]

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