Women’s Premiership commit to the clubs

///Women’s Premiership commit to the clubs

Women’s Premiership commit to the clubs

The Women’s Premiership Group welcomes the Game Review announcement from Friday’s RFU Council meeting (Oct 14th) as an important and positive change for women’s rugby. In light of this, we aim to provide further consultation with our clubs to ascertain how to meet the minimum criteria required to retain their status.

We are committed to represent the interests of all clubs playing at the highest level of Women’s rugby, protect the status of those clubs who have made our club rugby the best in the world for three decades and assist the clubs and players throughout this transformation.


For any media enquiries, please contact Rhiannon Chandler-Day info@womenspremiership.co.uk

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The World Champion team of 2014 were something very special and I immediately became aware of how important our domestic game would become in maintaining the sort of national side that I, and many others love to watch. This inspired me to do whatever I can to promote Women’s Elite Rugby in England.