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Valentine’s day is like chocolate or wine. When you know you can’t quite reach it you want it more. During my secondary school years, my school, which was an all-girls school (state school before any of you make any assumptions) would partner in a money-making enterprise with the nearby boy’s school. We could buy roses [...]

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Definition of insanity

Baby Bear is now twenty-four weeks old and apparently about a foot long. A foot long already? And I still have another 16 weeks to go. How big is this thing going to get? How does it fit? I don’t really want my belly to get any bigger – well maybe just a little bit [...]

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Swimming through Treacle

So, I only went and did it! I, Catherine, went swimming. I went to my local leisure centre, I put a swimming costume on and I actually paid my own money to get in a very large tank of water and swim. I was anxious but with the support of my friend it was actually [...]

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New Years Revolution

On 4th January 2016 I posted a blog on Inspiring Women, I listed my New Years Resolutions. Today, two years on it is the first time I have looked back on them. Such is the ineffectiveness of New Year’s Resolutions for the majority of us who chose to make them. I listed 8 resolutions [...]

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Baby Bear and Jeff

Depending on which of the multitude of baby websites you wish to read Baby Bear, at 17 weeks, is now about as big as a Turnip or Pomegranate or Avocado. I guess the lesson is that every growing baby is different, as is every mum to be, as is every piece of fruit or vegetable. [...]

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Baby Bear and Jeff

So, Baby Bear’s heartbeat sounds like a fast-moving train! We listened to this during our midwife visit this week. J was smiling, I was smiling. I was smiling because J was smiling, he says he was smiling because I was smiling. So, which one of us smiled first? And was it because there were actually [...]

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Thursday, my new Monday 2

So, we reach week 2 in my weekly blog world and week 14 of my pregnant world. In an ode to Bridget Jones my week in numbers are as follows: Alcohol units: 0.0001 Calories: 0 – they don’t count in pregnancy surely? Number of slices of bread eaten: Approx. 77 Number of times I have [...]

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