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Former International England Rugby Captain : CEO and Founder of Inspiring Women – Catherine retired from International rugby in 2011 following a very successful career.

Following her first cap in 2004 Catherine went on to win 63 caps for England, score 18 times for her country and captain the team for over 3 years. Catherine took part in 8 Six Nations Competitions winning 6 of 8 and captained her team to 3 championship titles. Catherine also led her country to a European cup title, 2 Nations Cup tournament victories and led England to the World Cup final held on home soil in England in 2010. England lost narrowly to New Zealand 13 points to 10 however the home World Cup shot Women’s Rugby in to the limelight and their media presence escalated.

As captain, Catherine was at the forefront of this and thrived as a leader throughout this time.

Baby Bear and Jeff

Depending on which of the multitude of baby websites you wish to read Baby Bear, at 17 weeks, is now about as big as a Turnip or Pomegranate or Avocado. I guess the lesson is that every growing baby is different, as is every mum to be, as is every piece of fruit or vegetable. [...]

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Baby Bear and Jeff

So, Baby Bear’s heartbeat sounds like a fast-moving train! We listened to this during our midwife visit this week. J was smiling, I was smiling. I was smiling because J was smiling, he says he was smiling because I was smiling. So, which one of us smiled first? And was it because there were actually [...]

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Thursday, my new Monday 2

So, we reach week 2 in my weekly blog world and week 14 of my pregnant world. In an ode to Bridget Jones my week in numbers are as follows: Alcohol units: 0.0001 Calories: 0 – they don’t count in pregnancy surely? Number of slices of bread eaten: Approx. 77 Number of times I have [...]

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