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I Coached at school for many years, and quite by chance saw the very first England Women’s International at Richmond in 1986, only at that stage they were GB. They played France and lost. Interest revived when I saw the World Cup Final 2010 at the Stoop.

BP’s Blog Part 2 : June 2017

BP's Blog : Part 2 The New Zealand tour : June 2017 Twenty-eight players – the regulation number for the World Cup - were selected for the much-anticipated trip to New Zealand for a 4-way International Series, involving Canada and Australia as well. This brought together the 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd [...]

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Part 11 : A Sidestep, a Tribute and a Reflection

Bruce Perkins has submitted several 'Journalesque' Blog posts and whilst I intended to post them in order, we wanted to post Part 11 today, while it was 'in the air'.  Normal service shall be resumed forthwith ... Yours in Rugby, - Max. The news breaks on 12 October. Alongside the announcement of [...]

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There’s no Rose without a Thorn

Bruce Perkins has sent me several pieces of varying length, all of which warrant publishing on the website - and I intend to post them all in time. I will group them under a single category and they will be easy to find and follow. I really appreciate external content like this, so do [...]

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